Friday, November 13, 2009

Types of Surgery- Incision types and Basic Procedures

What better way to learn about breast implants than to research the procedure as if you are going to have it? We stumbled upon this website which is meant to inform prospective breast augmentation patients about their options. There are many different sites that give similar information but this one was one of the easier ones to find as well as to follow. This page offers simple explanations of current placement types and incision types. There is even more information that is easily accessed through the links on either side of the article.

Breast augmentation has become a very personalized procedure with many different options that can suit the different needs of different patients. For example, there are many different sizes of implants as well as different shapes. There are
also different procedures offering more or less recovery time, more or less accessibility to the implant and even a choice of how natural the patient wants the breast implant to look and feel. Most importantly this website has links that give a good review of the major risk factors involved in breast augmentation surgeries. The information presented in this site is very helpful for patients who just want a general understanding of the pros and cons of different types of breast augmentation and is a testament to the most current advancements in medical technology within the field of cosmetic surgery.

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