Sunday, November 22, 2009

Government Funding for Breast Reconstruction?

$2.95 Million Government Breast Reconstruction Funding Gives New Benefit To Breast Cancer Survivors, Australia

Main Category: Breast Cancer
Article Date: 30 Oct 2009 - 1:00 PDT

It appears someone in the Australian government understands what a mastectomy really means to the woman undergoing the procedure. As if months of sickness, hair loss and in having to accept that you may not survive are not hard enough on a female breast cancer victim, often she must suffer the loss of one or even both breasts. For those of us who still have ours it probably seems like a small price to pay for survival. But our breasts are more than just fatty tissue and glands. They represents femininity and beauty.Women with a smaller set often feel insecure about their body, but it can't be worse than the feeling of having yours taken away from you. No different than our hands, breasts are part of who we are.As long as the Australian governement restricts the funding to masectomy recipients there's only good being done by the program.

We found this article really interesting because of the information it provided us regarding a truly innovate biotechnology: a customized biodegradable chamber contoured to match a women’s natural breast shape. What is even more remarkable is that this technology can foster the growth of the permanent fat that is found in breasts. The article also mentions that if there is insufficient fat following the mastectomy that researches intend to develop a muscle tissue that induces fat tissue production called Myogel. These new biotechnologies will enable patients to seek alternatives to silicon implants for their reconstructive breast surgery. The work of these Australian researchers is admirable and their dedication to the cause is something that should definitely be mirrored by researchers in other countries. We feel as though the results in patients that receive breast reconstruction with materials that are the most similar to those found in the human body will be revolutionary and very beneficial to their overall well being and assurance. It is also very promising to see government funding being used for the development of essential biotechnology such as a biodegradable chamber and other essential devices as mentioned in the article.

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