Monday, November 9, 2009

Breast Augmentation Video Demonstration

Dr. Loftus Performs and Narrates a breast augmentation surgery and demonstrates both saline and silicone breast implantation

As we continue our research and learn about the basics of breast augmentation we felt that the best way to really understand the procedure and the risks associated with it is to watch a real live surgery. This surgery shows one of the most common of breast augmentation procedures and shows both types of implant (saline and silicone) inserted into the chest underneath the pectoral muscle using an inframammary incision. Most surgeries in the U.S. are of this type where the patient is unhappy with the size and/or shape of their breasts and wants to surgically enhance them to fit their own personal perception of beauty. This video is a quick ten minute look into the procedure, showing basic technique and execution of a routine breast augmentation.

We as a group see ourselves as general medical technology enthusiasts and while we are by no means avid surgery watchers we were impressed to see how this procedure has evolved to become relatively simple as well as minimally invasive. Although the idea of having someone create a pocket inside a person’s chest with nothing more than their forefinger is a bit odd, maybe even a little unsettling for more squeamish viewers, the ease with which the surgeon carries out the procedure shows that when done correctly there should be very little risk for complications. Prospective patients should see that the expertise of the surgeon is a very important factor while researching their options particularly in this type of surgery seeing as it is pretty much always an elective surgery. It is also impressive to note the techniques for minimal scarring that are employed in the video. Medical advancements have made this type of procedure very low risk and in time technique and technology only stand to get better creating even less recovery time and even better results.


  1. Very nice video. this blog contains very informative information and videos. i like it.

  2. These demonstrative videos are very helpful for women who want breast implants. A Toronto breast augmentation video that I saw two years ago, also convinced me to get breast implants. For this cosmetic procedure, I used a very professional surgeon and so the results were fantastic. Now, a lot of men admire me for my improved body contour! ;)


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