Monday, November 16, 2009

National Cancer Institute's Study of Breast Implant Risk

Breast Implant Study

In March 2000, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) published their findings from a study conducted in response to the FDA's 1992 ban of silicone gel implants.The study included 13,500 participants who had surgery for cosmetic implants in both breasts before 1989. And for comparison, the study looked at 4,000 other patients similar in age who had other types of cosmetic surgery. The study was based of collected medical records or death certificates (no examinations were performed on the participants by the NCI). About 80% of participants were successfully tracked, and 70% of those provided updated information.It is one of the longest studies into the relationship between breast augmentation and cancer development. Additionally, no other study has taken into account patient lifestyles or compared its findings with other cosmetic surgery recipients. Additionally, the study distinguishes between the affects of silicone and saline breast implants.The NCI found that there is no risk correlation between breast implants and the subsequent development of breast cancer. Breast cancer risk was also not associated with any certain type of implant. There was also no significant difference in breast cancer mortality between the implant and comparison patients.

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