Friday, November 20, 2009

Celebrity Obsession with Breast Augmentation
Why do stars love boob jobs?
Published: 08 Oct 2007

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There are countless articles such as this one that detail celebrities’ obsession with breast augmentation and more general cosmetic surgical procedures. Although it is unfortunate that so many stories exist concerning celebrities’ addiction to plastic surgery, the articles provide extensive information about why some people are more likely to suffer from such a costly and body altering addiction. Essentially, this article is intended to open doors to further research surrounding why celebrities with so much disposable income chose to spend their hard-earned money on seemingly unnecessary and risky surgical procedures. According to this article, many celebrities feel as though they need to undergo breast augmentation surgery in order to feel as though they are deserving of such high profile attention. Since they are constantly in the spotlight, the article suggests that they begin to feel like commodities. In this sense, celebrities must ultimately sell themselves to the public in order to continue to advance in their careers. Truth is, there are plenty of very successful celebrities that have avoided cosmetic breast implantation and the public scrutiny that subsequently follows such dramatic procedures. The question that pervades is why do some celebrities feel they need to undergo such procedures when others can continue on a successful path without the aid of breast augmentation. Current research suggests that some people are simply predisposed to surgical procedures as a way to improve the way they perceive their body and ultimately themselves. Many celebrities suffer from body dysmorphic disorder in which they become dissatisfied and eventually obsessed with a certain body part that they feel is inadequate. This can certainly explain the growing rates of breast augmentation surgery amongst young celebrity women. As a result of the constant attention and commentary on their body types, many female celebrities feel as though breast augmentation is a quick fix to all of their problems and since they can afford the procedure it is much more attainable.

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  1. I was wondering if breast augmentation really affects the health of many? I have read reports which says that surgeries that involve breasts usually lead to breast cancer. That's too sad to hear because there are a lot of women especially celebrities who have been doing this for years.

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