Monday, November 9, 2009

Types of Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

This link provides information for someone seeking information about post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. It goes over what breast reconstruction is, why one might choose to have it and what it entails in simple, easy to understand language. It discusses the difference between immediate reconstruction (directly following the mastectomy) and delayed reconstruction (following father chest radiation or other delay factors) and flap gives personal factors that would weigh in on ones decision. It also provides a list of other considerations for this type of procedure. It gives a detailed description of two types of reconstruction; implant procedures and tissue flap procedures. There is also optional nipple and areola reconstruction for aesthetic purposes. They provide a helpful list of questions to ask your physician and well as a list of pros, cons and possible risks regarding the reconstruction. They talk about the pre and post reconstruction issues. It is nice see that the website states that this procedure may boost self-esteem and self-image but it also may not. Some people may not be satisfied with their reconstructed breasts.

The link above provides a simplified step by step procedure of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Detailed images are provided to take the reader through a guided description of one type of procedure.

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